About us

Buying/Renting property can be hectic. We get that. That's why we here, at worldnewproperty.com are dedicated to serving you with everything you could possibly need to make that journey easier. It's our passion to assist you in making all the right decisions regarding real estate including buying, renting, finding room mates etc. Our inexhaustible list of attractive housing, locality and pricing will keep you on your toes and screens for long. Feel free to browse through everything in your preferred vicinity until your heart finds a home that satisfies your mind and money.

Nothing but the truth

Unbiased and real reviews by actual renter and buyers provide a sneak peek into our excellent professionalism and quality of service that we will continue to display for years to come. Ratings and comments of people from a locality give you an actual insight into the essence of a place and people along with the amenities that are quickly accessible. Pros and cons can be easily listed out for each property and can be weighed against each other. All properties listed were evaluated from all possible angles and can be used with complete confidence.

A helping hand in every step of the way. . .

Once the tiresome, yet satisfying task of choosing your house with the perfect size, amazing location, and affordable pricing is completed, we provide expert advice on banking loans and other financial. Your joy is the fuel that fires our passion. We consider everything from your annual income to the worth of your assets before providing you with the best solutions to your financial queries and worries. We stay with you from the very first step of choosing your home, paying for it, moving in and even beyond that!

. . . and beyond

Property maintenance is of utmost priority to us. We ensure that your time, efforts and money is well spent and is valued even after a sale is made. A third party is chosen carefully and assigned the task of property maintenance that ensures prompt repairs of any kind and cleanliness of places with high traffic in buildings including playgrounds etc

Aim for the stars, we'll get you there!

If you are in no hurry and is just building your dreams for a future home, we are here to help you there as well. A constantly updated list of upcoming projects and layouts are maintained to help you dream big and plan better. Looking for a bachelor pad or a new home for your family? Maybe you will extend your family to include a pet, or two, we don't judge. A car or two cars perhaps? Maybe just a scooter will do, but what if you want to buy a new car? Fret not. Whatever plans you have, big or small, you can always count on us to add a few stable bricks for you.

We are everything you ever wanted

In effect, worldnewproperty.com aims to be a trusted friend that you can always count on to help you and guide you through property listing. When we are here to ensure a smooth and pleasant ride through the otherwise confusing and difficult task of house hunting, why go anywhere else?