Frequently Asked questions

Registering with WorldNewProperty

Q1. How can I register on WorldNewProperty?
You can register on WorldNewProperty by following a few simple steps. You have to register using the Login/Sign Up option from the Home page and creating your profile by filling up the form. When you are a registered member of WorldNewProperty, you can avail the facilities of enlisting your properties as well as post requirements

Q2. How can forgotten or lost user name and password be retrieved?
You can click on the "Forgot Password" option and provide the user name or email id registered with WorldNewProperty. A new password will be sent to you within a while.

Q3. How may I change the WorldNewProperty account password?
You can login to "My Accounts" section and go to the "Change Password" link. Then you will have to enter your existing password once and your new password twice. After this, your new password will be automatically activated.

Q4. How may I modify my WorldNewProperty profile?
You can login to "My Accounts" section and go to "Manage Profile" for modifying your profile and your newly updated profile shall be activated within a while.

Q5. How to a search for properties on WorldNewProperty?
The WorldNewProperty property search allows the user to look for properties quickly based on the type of transaction such as Buy/Rent, Location, type of property and most importantly budget. This website can be operated on desktops, laptops, tabs and smartphones.

Q6. How are the properties listed on WorldNewProperty sorted in the search results?
The list of properties on WorldNewProperty is regularly updated. When you search for a specific type of property, by default the best matches shall be displayed as per your requested criteria. In case you see there is "No properties found" listed on the page, it suggests that there is no properties enlisted on WorldNewProperty that matche your criteria.

For Sellers

Q1. How may I register myself as a seller on WorldNewProperty?
As a seller, you can create and register your account by going to the site and clicking on register. You shall have to fill up with some basic information like name, email address, mobile number. After completion of filling up, you can click to create your account. You will receive a confirmation mail after the seller account is created and you will have to click on the confirmation link in order to complete the registration process.

Q2. May I list a property without registering on WorldNewProperty?
No, you cannot enlist a property without registering on WorldNewProperty. However, you can be a member by filling up a simple form and enlist as many properties without paying any charges. Regardless of whether you are a seller or a builder, you can register on WorldNewProperty to create your account and get access to prospective clients.

Q3. Why can't I find the property that I have just enlisted?
You are requested to be a bit patient in case you have enlisted your property just a while ago. Property enlisting in WorldNewProperty may take up to 24 hours for validating the information you have given. Once the details are validated you will receive a confirmation mail in your registered email id.

Listing a Property

Q1. How to enlist a property to sale or rent?
You are requested to follow a few easy steps as mentioned below to reach out to prospective buyers:
# Click on the List Property button from the home page of the website.
# If you are already a member, then you can login using your existing username and password. In case you are new to this site, you shall have to register with the WorldNewProperty. You can also register using your Facebook account.
# Give a details of your property by filling up a simple form.
# In order to get higher responses, you can add images, relevant description and apt title. With these few steps, your property becomes visible to the browsers once the WorldNewProperty team validates the information.

Q2. How long shall my enlisted property be valid on the WorldNewProperty?
Your property listing on the WorldNewProperty shall be active and visible to other users for a minimum span of 60 days. You will receive intimation from the managing team before the validation expires and the listing shall not be visible on the search results after this span.

Q3. What will be the cost of listing my property on this portal?
You will get limited listings FREE on registration. You can go to "My Accounts" section to check your balance. But this is a limited period offer. So hurry up and Register Now to avail the Free listings.

Q4. How shall I receive user response on my properties enlisted at WorldNewProperty?
Whenever there is a user who is interested to contact you, you shall receive an email in the address registered with WorldNewProperty. You can go to "My Account" section to see all the responses on your property.

Q5. How may I add a picture to my property enlisted in WorldNewProperty?
You are allowed to upload a picture in the .gif or .jpg format with a size of maximum 2mb. In case you are newly enlisting your property then you will have to follow the "upload image" option. When you want to add a picture to your existing property listing, you will have to go to "manage listing" and click on the "upload image" to successfully add picture on your existing listed property.

Q6. How may I edit or modify the information about enlisted property?
You are requested to go to "manage listing" option and select the specifications you want to change. Then you can delete, modify or edit the information you have previously updated.

Posting Requirement

Q1. Why is posting requirement needed?
While searching for a property if "No results found" is displayed or if you are not contented with any of the properties displayed, then you are requested to post your requirements so that the WorldNewProperty team can send notification on properties that match your specified criteria through email.

Q2. How may I post my requirements?
You are requested to follow a few easy steps for posting your requirements on WorldNewProperty and receive updates on the properties that matche your criteria
#If you are an existing user, then you can login using your username and password. If you are new user, you will have to register with WorldNewProperty.
#Then you will have to provide details of your requirements by filling up the columns.
#Then you will have to provide your contact details where you want to be intimated.

Q3. What is the cost of posting requirements?
Posting requirements on WorldNewProperty doesn't attract any charges. A user is allowed to post multiple property requirements for free.

Q4. How may I receive responses for the posted requirements?
The properties that match your criteria shall be automatically saved in the requirements folder. It can be accessed by logging in and selecting the requirements folder. .

Discussion forum

Q1. When should I post queries on the discussion forum?
Queries placed on the discussion forum shall be answered at the earliest. There are experts who will offer suggestions and illustrative replies. If you have any specific queries you are requested to post it on the discussion forum for receiving an instant reply.

Q2. How may I initiate a discussion?
For starting a conversation on any topic, you can click on the given link and you will be directed to the page where you will be able to post the topic of your discussion. Then you will have to select through some common filters like category and sub category, City or Area so that other users can also see your discussion.

Q3. How can I locate an existing discussion?
You can enter the relevant keywords or topics in the search bar to find your previously existing discussion and replies that match your given criteria. You may further filter your search based on specific categories or localities.

Q4. How may I answer to somebody's question?
Each and every question will have a button for answering. You may click on it to open a text space where you can type and post your answer. You shall also be given an option to add a link for reference. After you finish writing, you can go click to the submit area for successful submission of your answer. If you are a registered user you can log in using your existing username and password and new users shall have to provide all the basic information. Once again, you can submit your answers using your Facebook account.

Q5. Am I allowed to reply to any answer?
Yes, you are allowed to revert back to an answer by clicking on the "reply" link given at the end of each answer. A text area will be opened and you may write your answer just the way you can answer to a query.

Q6. May I follow any discussion without taking part in it?
Yes, you can follow a discussion and set an alert or opt to RSS feeds which are available below each discussion.


Q1. Why should I post an advertisement on WorldNewProperty?
Advertising solutions on WorldNewProperty are crafted in a way that will help you to reach out to the largest number of users in the most cost-efficient manner. You will be offered customised solutions as per your specific needs and requirements. Any individual or agent who is willing to enlist properties can make use advertising in WorldNewProperty.

Q2. What are the available advertising options on WorldNewProperty?
There is a dedicated section of advertising solution which tries to cater to the different needs of the individuals with varying budget. Whether you are a real estate agent or realtor, there is customisable advertising solution for your requirements.

Q3. May I print the details of any enlisted property?
Yes, you can print the details of any property. But before that you must ensure that you are viewing the property detail page you want to print.

Q4. May I email the details of a property to my friends?
Yes, you can email the details of any property you wish to. You will have to follow the options given in Buy and Rent pages and then select the property whose details you want to share. Then you can fill up the form given and submit it. Your friend will get the email within a short while.

Q5. How may I contact the advertiser of a property?
You can contact the individual or entity you are interested in by going to the contact details button at the end of each property. If you wish to ask any question regarding a specific property, then you can fill up the email enquiry form which will be sent directly to the individual or the concern advertising the property.

Home Loans

Q1. May I get home loans from WorldNewProperty?
No, WorldNewProperty doesn't offer home loans to the users. However, you may learn about home loans by visiting the following link- Bank loan

Q2. How may I know about the details of home loans?
A registered user can request for home loans to various financial institutions, check the eligibility for getting the loan as well as calculate the EMI from the website. However, the final sanction of the home loan is at the sole discretion of the banks. You will have to fill up a few basic details in the given form and submit it to proceed with your request.

Q3. How may I know whether I am eligible for a home loan?
If you are a registered user of WorldNewProperty, you have to click on the home loan eligibility button and fill up a simple form to get to know whether you are eligible for getting a home loan. In addition to this, you will also get an estimate of your home loan eligibility.

Q4. How may I apply for a home loan?
Once you fill up the details and submit the form to request for a home loan, your application shall be processed by the respective bank or financial institution.

Q5. How may I know if a property is approved by bank?
Normally, all the properties enlisted in the WorldNewProperty, are approved by the banks and financial institutions for home loan sanction to the prospective customers. In case you want the bank authority to contact you then you can request a call regarding home loans by filling up a request form. However, home loan sanction is at the sole discretion of the bank authority.