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We encourage you to communicate with us under circumstances such as where you detect any kind of wrong-doings or need further clarification of any of the clauses on this terms and condition. Wrong doings include any attempts at misrepresentation, falsification of identity or authority, illegal conduct or activities such as posting listings under a different name, falsifying information when pretending to buy a property or wrong estimates provided for a particular website. Should you need any kind of clarification or help, please feel free to contact us and we shall try to get back to you at the earliest. To get in touch, you can write to us or call us at our headquarters in Chennai. The address is provided here for your information: World New Property, 105, Triplicane High Road, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. You may also report any violations on our email address which can be found under the Contact Us page.


For the purposes of our site and the use of all our functionalities, we require users to provide some basic information with regards to their personal identity and location. Details may include mailing address, email address, legal first name and last name including any middle names if applicable. Other information to be collected may include user-specific passwords, zip codes, telephone numbers and other personal details. Please note that we also monitor IP address to ensure that our prospective users adhere to the clause stipulated in our terms and policies regarding the use of our website and its services. We may also collect information with regards to the property you are listing on our site in order to ensure our users have a more thorough and reliable experience with us.


To ensure users have a satisfying experience with our website we ensure that we restrict the utilization and sharing of any information gathered from users through their use of our services. We collect information to ensure better performance deliveries. We restrict the sharing of information on our website with only our trusted partners, prospective clients or buyers, prospective sellers and owners of property, and third party agents who may be necessary in the conduction of any transaction on our website. Please note that we try to ensure you are informed of the agencies we decide on sharing your information to maintain your right to privacy and information. Information narrated on our website shall be posted only after obtaining your consent to the same, although you are advised to note that some services and uses of our website may be severely restricted or limited in nature in the event that you choose to keep information private. Except in cases where it is stipulated as such, we guarantee that we shall not buy, sale, or utilize your information in any unethical ways that goes beyond the custom of common courtesy.


Please note that the use of our website does not require you to share any information with regards to sensitive information such as race, class, position, and we try to respect your privacy here completely. In cases where any such sensitive details are made requisite on a case by case basis, we shall try to take your consent and share only what is necessary and agreed upon in advance by you. We respect your right to your beliefs, nativity and gender without any discrimination from the use of our website or any of the services provided by us or any of our affiliates without further notice of the same.


By providing any credit or debit card information on the website, please note that you shall be responsible entirely for the process and any technical errors caused by you or the other party involved in such a transaction, with World New Property only serving as a mediator with no direct responsibility for the same. We assume no responsibility for any misinformation on the website as posted or listed by some party external to ourselves. Please note that we do not have any liability or responsibility for the process of online or offline transactions, and do not hold ourselves culpable for the improper use of information and debit card or credit card details as provided by the user or customer or broker on our website.


Please note that from time to time, World New Properties and co. may be forced to bring in tie ups with other companies in order to create a better service for our users. These business associates and partners shall only know of your sensitive information in so far as is required for your purposes, in primary or secondary chains of requirement as and when stipulated by you, the client. Please be wary of the fact that you are responsible for protecting your own interests.


Please note that our Privacy Policy is subject to change in any scenario depending on further and evolving needs of our company, in keeping with its expansions and other details. In such cases, we shall try our best to post prominent links so as to make it adequately visible to the users of our website and all its services. We may also accept changes depending on your personal inputs and comments if you deem it important enough. Please contact us on our email address which can be found on the Contact Us page for further details or any updates regarding the same.


Unregistered users of the website are not stipulated to share any private or personal information with regards to their location, name, or potential interests in the use of the website. Please note that we try our utmost to maintain your privacy and in no way are you required to share such private information while browsing the website. We require your information to be shared with us only in the event of registration, until which time you are free to peruse the website and all the content that is accessible sans registration without any such demands. Please do not feel prompted to share the information with any third party sources or channels found on our website. If you do, please note that we cannot protect your right to privacy under our terms and conditions because you will not be regarded as a registered "user". Also do take note of the fact that our compliance with any court of law or legal institutions, in the event of a conflict between two agencies, stipulates that we disclose any information under such conditions and cannot be held responsible for any breach of privacy..


At World New Property, every care is taken to ensure accuracy and correct information. Users may use the information listed by any broker, real estate agent or owner for their own purposes and use whatever profile information is available to establish contact. However, in events where there is any falsification of identity, we are not liable for any loss of faith, monetary compensations or anything similar. We are also bound by the law to disclose any sensitive information regarding some consumer or user in the event of a dispute in courts of laws or legal institutions. In using our services, you agree that we have the right to any intellectual or personal detail posted on the website for promotional purposes, analysis of site use, improve our content and the services on offer with us, customizing the layout and other services available with us. You hereby agree to let us contact you for promotional reasons and for non-promotional purposes as well, on the basis of the personal information provided. Some of this may be especially targeted and customized for your needs and you accept such content without taking offence. In accepting our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy, you are implicitly agreeing to let us use your information for any direct communications and promotional policies. In the event that you do not wish to receive any information from us, you are free to opt out from any further communications by unsubscribing to newsletters. .