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Additionally, to be eligible to the use of our services, you must fall under one of the following category of users: Indian Residents (Native), Non Residential Indians (NRI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), Persons of Indian Heritage (PIH). Please be advised that we do not allow for any deviations to these rules and perceive any such alterations or misrepresentations with severity. In addition to these guidelines, to be a member of our website you are required to provide certain additional information in terms of your name, etc. Any attempt at deliberate falsification shall lead to suspension of services and can lead to an eventual termination of the contract without any returns or refund of payment for services accrued by our website. Profile information for users must be restricted within professional limits and may not include pornographic, abusive, intolerant, racist, misogynist sentiments that may offend the modesty of any other user. Please remember that we adhere to a strict policy on these incidents and such acts of disobedience may lead to consequences including the termination of membership, etc. without forfeiture of any membership fees. If we are forced to terminate your membership for some such reason, please also note that all contributions made on our platform automatically belong to us and will not be returned, allowed to be retracted, allowed to be back engineered and other such things as an when seen fit by the company only.


Please note that our website acts as a third party unit to facilitate the exchange of information, images and details in the transaction process. We are not liable for any representation on the website of any property, images, seller details, buyer identity, intentional wrongdoing or misrepresentation. We do not own any of the listings on our website but only facilitate these listings so that you have access to greater number of properties and/or buyers and/or sellers. Our services are available both for individuals and brokers who have the legal authority to act as third party mediators. Permission to post listings are granted only as long as they are genuine and authorized by the legal, rightful owner and we are within our limits to verify any such details so long as they are within an individual's right to privacy. Any intentional acts of misrepresentation will be beyond the limits of our liability, even though we strictly disallow such misdemeanor and intend to take strict legal action against such intentional mal-practitioners in cases where there is a legitimate proof of such wrong doings. Please note that additional links posted on our website by third parties are strictly discouraged except and only where they are posted by our authorized third party associates. It is your responsibility to not post such links and/or follow them to a secondary channel which might cause to the loss of your privacy, personal information, identity, monetary losses and any such misadventures. We, World New Property, and any of our affiliates, under-bodies, associates, boards or employees will not accept any charges for any misrepresentation or losses incurred through third party links posted by individuals. This is beyond the scope of our services and must be regarded as such, strictly, in adherence with international laws and the Indian penal code.


Posting details on our websites is subject to the terms and conditions stated herewith and must strictly adhere to the rules of our Privacy Policy Statement. Note that all postings must be genuine and maintain strict adherence to laws of legitimacy, barring which membership may be revoked. In extreme cases, legal action will be taken for consecutive and multiple offences. Also note that any listing to be included on our website must have a legal standing and no existing dispute in courts of law in the city, state, district magisterial court or in the supreme court of law in the country. By signing up as a broker or individual you agree to post accurate listings with complete information and not mislay customers with false promises and pretenses. You must also be careful about the exact figures and statistical data posted on our site in order to maintain truthfulness and accuracy in real estate representations. It is necessary to remember that any spam links, links to external websites or brokerage platforms, pornographic material, illegal material and how-to guides on shady activities, material not related to postings or properties, information that is an intentional misrepresentation and other such information is to be strictly avoided in maintenance with our terms and conditions policy. Please note that you are solely responsible for posting listings and the information posted, which means that any dispute arising from the same will hold you culpable. We at Word New Property disclaim any responsibility in terms of the listings posted by third party holders or merchants on our website and shall not be held liable for losses incurred through the same. .


The use of this website relies on an existing framework of membership policies which provide free and paid services according to strict adherence to codes of conduct and legal obligations. Certain services provided by us may require additional payments as laid out on the website and are subject to change depending upon the time and appreciation values of such and such service. The charges shall be strictly laid out and not hidden at the time of any monetary exchange which means that you also accept such and such charges for the service we provide. Do note that every payment for our services shall be on the basis of a 100% advance and we are not obligated to refund you in case of termination on your part, our part, or any third party agency acting on behalf of either. You also accept that you shall abide by those charges and not claim discounts or mischarging of any service so long as it is on our website and clearly stated for your benefit, or for that matter, for any other person's perusal. Any failure in transactions owing to link failures, bank rejections, computer failures or other such technical issues is not our legal responsibility and shall be dealt with as seen fit by the company. Please note that we maintain confidentiality and discretion in all our payment policies and our decision on such payments shall be full, final and complete. By using our website, you agree to the above and are not reluctant to comply with the terms. In terms of payments that are scheduled for refunds, please note that we try to process them within a week but it may take longer. We provide no guarantees of the kind of timelines that it will take to conduct a full refund in cases where it is granted. We reserve the right to exercise our discretion when it comes to every transaction within our legal domain. We claim no authority in transactions with third party operatives and deny any form of liability in such cases. We guarantee 100% confidentiality in terms of credit card transactions and make sure that no information is available to anyone working for or with us beyond the duration of the said transaction process. However, we are not liable for any risk incurred through the use of the same and for information on transactions leading to misleading circumstances, issues of privacy.


Users of our service are requested to not submit any listings, property details, background information or images if they do not have the legal right to do so. Please obtain such rights as soon as possible BEFORE uploading any information. Additionally, when submitting any kind of listing, please ensure that you obey the following guidelines: .
a) Disclosure of material for the complete knowledge of users on the website: Users are obliged to share the exact nature of the property and disclose any legal or technical issues which might be involved in the sale or purchase of said property This is important as per our laws because it allows us to maintain professional honesty and credit and we expect strict adherence to this guideline for the duration of your term.
b) Background Information on properties listed through our portal: Users are also required to disclose a little background information on said property including the heritage, date, construction details, location details and ownership history for better evaluation. Please be advised that we value accuracy and look down upon any attempts of misrepresentation.
c) Documents to be furnished in order to give a thorough picture of the sale, property, etc.: This is not a necessary pre-requisite for the uploading of property details, but do note that customers (users) may be asked to share details of their claims to the property. For instance, brokers may be asked to show written approval from the owners even after posting the listing. Owners may be required to furnish some legal details on whether they have any real claims to the property in order to establish the authority of their ownership details and their right to a certain apartment, house, land or commercial space listing.
d) Agreement to the terms and conditions of our website in the event of disputes: You agree to let us terminate your contract to the use of the website and any listings on it, including ongoing sales processes, if we find any discrepancy. We maintain the right to inspect details of the listing and conduct independent background checks. While we do not necessarily conduct background checks, in case of a dispute arising in any court of law, we are obliged to provide complete information and cannot withdraw or withhold sensitive information that you have provided to us.
e) Additional Requirements stipulated by the use of our website and any services provided by us: By using our services you are also allowing us to use any of the material and information posted by you on behalf of someone including yourself as a property listing. We have all the rights to the content on the website and may use it as we see fit. Please note that we shall have the right to access, download, cross-list, cross-examine, copy any of the content that you have posted as required for the provision of services on our website.
By using our services, you implicitly agree to all of these terms and conditions unquestionably and accept that you've understood it completely. By doing so, you are also agreeing to allow us to use your consent for processes relating to the legal and professional rights of the owners to your intellectual property as posed on this website.


(subject to change, revisions, alterations without notice) We reserve the right to dictate the terms and policies of our site and have complete authority over what can or cannot be considered permissible. In addition to complying with the terms of posting content, including intellectual and legal right of possession, etc., you must comply with certain conditions of interaction within the online community that is hosted by our website. Any deviations or direct abuse of our services shall be seen as a strict disregard for our rules and met with harsh treatment including but not limited to termination of services without notice, legal or judicial action in extreme cases, etc. The following is a set of rules and conditions which may be altered at our sole discretion and must be strictly followed throughout the entirety of your membership on our website:
a) By using our services you agree to be respectful, to be civil, and to conduct business befitting a professional sphere of mutual coexistence. You do not have the right to disrespect any person on account of rank, position, gender, monetary standing, social standing, political inclinations, religious inclinations, personal inclinations, etc.
b) By obeying to the strict rules of conduct on our website, you also agree to maintain decorum of speech in all your interactions with other members of the community. We are strictly non tolerant towards cases of racial prejudice, misogynist statements, bigotry.
c) We also discourage any form of personal relationship between members of a website beyond their interactions regarding a listed property and its many attributes. Please note that this is not a social network site or dating platform and must not be treated as such.
d) We respect our members' privacy and discourage any form of active engagement in chain mails, junk mails, forwards, etc. Please refrain from creating your own mailing lists from member details on the website. We will be forced to take the strictest action if we receive any such complains.
e) Our zero tolerance policy towards social harassment is something that must be complied with under all cost. Being a property owner or a potential customer does not give you the right to devalue anybody else or harass, heckle, annoy, agitate, or mollify anyone else on our website.
f) We strictly discourage users from taking transactions personally and hope they shall engage in a civil and benign acceptance of any rejections heretofore encountered on the website. Securing information from our website to threaten the personal safety of someone else is entirely illegal and shall be dealt with in a similar manner.
g) However, we encourage members to keep their private details as secure as possible and we shall not take any liabilities or responsibilities for the same. If you provide additional details beyond the scope of our website listings, then the entire incident shall be treated individually and we disclaim any legal or social responsibility for the same.
h) Pornographic and sexually explicit material must not be listed on our website and under no circumstances will this be tolerated. Offenders face immediate deactivation of their membership without notice or payback of any membership fees paid to us.
i) Instructional information on any form of illegal activity is strictly frowned upon and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Do not post listings of disputed or illegal properties, illegal arms, and illegal methods of creation of arms, illegal methods of gaining property, all illegal methods of selling property, and any unlawful methods of gaining entrance to computers through malicious files or content.
j) We will take a firm stand on posters who provide external links, especially if said link leads to an external website for real estate deals, allows malicious content (virus, malware, bugs, spiders, secret codes, etc.) to be spread to any users' computer and our servers, and violates the terms of this treatise.
k) You are required to use our site responsibly and knowing that it falls under the federal, legal, religious, local laws of the country of use and access. Any abuse of these rules and laws shall be dealt with accordingly to the customs in practice.
l) We do not accept users' use of other members' details for personal or private reasons including illegal activities (stalking, harassment, personal embarrassment or personal contact).
m) By using our services you agree to not use, copy, paste, print screen, or in any way conduct intellectual or actual fraud on any of the listings or information available here. By doing so, you are likely to be met with strong action including but not limited to termination of membership, etc.
n) When using our services, you agree that you are the person you are claiming to be. Any attempts at misrepresentation, un-registered alias use, use of alternative personalities, use of false information in terms of name, gender, place of birth, nationality, etc. can have severe consequences.
Please be advised that our terms and conditions with regards to what constitutes as wrong, illegal or malicious content can change at any time. We are not obliged to provide you any notice or proof of alterations, trace any edits through the process, or notify any higher authority before making changes as aforementioned. Anything not mentioned on the list but prior to it, including rules of conduct and clauses on misconduct (falsification of information, e.g.) also falls within this particular list of disallowed circumstances. Please note that you are not to use this list as a potential loophole and we can make any changes even after any charges against our website of non-inclusion.


Even though we try to monitor the conduct and behavior of our members as stipulated by these terms and conditions, it may not be possible for us to continually monitor such exchanges or provide support for every instance of misconduct, misdemeanor and malpractice. We reserve the right to be non-liable for any member dispute, community dispute, or intellectual disputes arising on the website. We also do not make any claim to address these issues if they do not pertain to us directly, and we are not liable for any untoward incident arising as a result. Please be careful of your own conduct, safety and privacy in all your undertakings on our website. Be advised that we are only able to provide a limited amount of help and may be forced to change our policies at any time, without notice, depending on a particular case or circumstances of some issue. We also deny any responsibilities in case of legal, political or religious disputes arising on the website because of your personal conduct and irresponsibility. .


Your use of the website is your sole legal and personal liability and we do not claim to provide absolute legal or social protection from any kind of abuse encountered on the website. You should also note that while we try to ensure viability of listings, their accuracy and their value, we cannot make any guarantees considering we act as third party facilitators. At all times, you must exercise your own judgment and rational thinking in every single interaction with a dealer or broker, or even owner of a property. We do not guarantee accuracy, correctness and absolute reliability of any information provided on the website by any third party merchant or broker or potential customer. We are not liable for verifying the exactness of any of the content posted to our website and it is your responsibility to verify everything before any major or significant financial exchanges: this includes location, rate, price, veracity, background details, ownership details, third party authorization, but may not be restricted to these and only these items on the list. We are also unable to provide any guarantee of the financial standing of a prospective buyer so this is also your liability if you are a broker, and we encourage thorough background checks before a final settlement. Please note that while we do provide the platform, any technical failures or malfunction in computer lines, telephone lines, fax links, banking links are not within our purview and we shall accept no liability for any problems with regards to such technical issues. Under absolutely no circumstance shall we accept the liability for property damage, fraud charges, damages or losses encountered through the establishment of links with some individual or company through our website. It is to be noted that the website and all of its information, services, etc. are provided as is and shall be as such throughout the duration of its existence until and unless we decide to alter the purpose of it. We, our affiliates, sponsors, partners, parent company and any associate decry any form of legal responsibility for any misadventure or loss obtained through the use of the website. We do not provide any form of warranties or licenses of any kind to prospective customers and potential buyers or even brokers and sellers so you should be fairly warned in advance of any attempt to mistreat or abuse the privileges of the website. We are also not responsible for errors or omission in details and information on the website, pertaining to but not limited to services, terms of conduct, term of use and privacy policies, listings and photographs. Be advised that under no circumstances will we take responsibility for any misconduct of any agents using our website or platform for illegal activities and malicious events. We do not claim to keep a control of intellectual property infringements in terms of listings and properties or other information, including copyrighted content which rightfully belongs to a third party not active in the process of exchange, sale or purchase: use of copyrighted content on the website is not our legal domain and we accept no liability for the same in case someone posts it on our website without informing us of the legal nature of the existing piece of article. **Disclaimer of Warranty** Any information provided on our website or through our affiliates must be taken for face value and read as it is because we do not claim to exert any authority over it in terms of intellectual correctness, accuracy of detail etc. Nor do we provide any kind of warranty on any of the things posted with us by any third party agent including personal information, professional information, listing details, account details, etc. whether expressly stated or implied through anything that may be misconstrued to be a guarantee of something that it isn't. Please note that we do not accept any consequential damage claims from any dispute arising out of such assumed conditions of warranty, and are not liable to show in court in such cases of warranty disputes if ever such a case does arise. We will also not be responsible for the remediation of losses or reparation of damages incurred in the process of claiming warranty, etc. .


We reserve the right to choose which third party links we shall provide on our website, depending on where it suits the ecosystem and the advertising needs of the services we provide. However, we strongly discourage links to third parties in individual postings on the listing for every listing that is advertised through the means of our website. Users are cautioned to exercise their discretion when clicking any such third party links that have not been provided by us, as these might contain malicious files and software which we have no control over. In such cases, please note that we do not have any legal responsibilities and are not obliged to take action if it is not decided upon by the board or members responsible for such disputes, etc. Please note that sometimes we may be called upon to create partnerships with other brands or companies in order to provide our users with a more thorough experience of real estate property searches. These partnerships may result in external links in relation to your particular interests, such as targeted advertising and property listings similar to your dream property of choice. Much of these depend on the use of your information at the discretion of our company decision makers and is aimed towards providing a superior experience for you. While World New Property does not share any information provided to us without your consent, we cannot claim not to use your information in conjunction with our partners to provide you with a more holistic experience and better services for future users. .


Because of the mercantile nature of some of the business conducted on the website, it is deemed necessary to demarcate the rights and non-rights of businesses operating from within our website. We offer you the chance to exchange services and buy or Sale goods, which means you have to abide by the terms we've stipulated in this guideline. Additionally, the use of merchant space online requires certain conditions and decorum rules which are as following.
• We reserve the right to cater to free users depending only on the limits of our policies and may choose what to provide for free or paid memberships.
• We have the right to reserve the number of responses which can be conducted on free terms in cases of free membership and it is within our rights of services to change the terms of our services at any given time.
• We stipulate that you do not list any item which infringes on the property rights of someone else, including copyright laws and policies, patents, trademark properties, trade secrets, proprietary policies and trade information, infringing on individual, private, or public property.
• You agree not to reverse engineer any of the information provided on our website through other vendors or yourself once it is already listed here because we reserve ownership of all intellectual detail as posted through our services.
• You also agree not to publish or license or create any properties such as are listed on the website because that can be an infringement of our privacy policies and copyright laws, stipulated within boundaries of fixed laws and rules.
• Apart from this, see section TENTATIVE LIST OF CONTENT THAT MIGHT BE CONSIDERED for greater details of community exchanges and policies which narrates the kind of policies we maintain towards piracy, privacy invasion, harassment, and other such important issues.
• Also refer to the Privacy Policy for greater details on such exchange of intellectual and personal communications, properties, etc. in relation to the information collected by us for use at our discretion but within the permissible limits as granted to us by you.


Unless explicitly stated, we accept no responsibility for damages, losses, risks, transaction failures or any kind of negative impacts of your use of the site because we act only as mediators rather than take active interest in the process, except in cases explicitly stated and thereby covered by all the terms and clauses of this particular terms and conditions tract. We cannot confirm or control the sale of properties and the direction taken by individuals who are beyond our control, which is why we are not capable of taking the responsibility for the same. Please be advised that your personal credit and discretion are to be relied on at every step of the process and you shall not be able to hold us liable for any of your own discretions and wrong judgment in the use of our website, services, or interactions with a seller or buyer. Please note that in using our site you are also acknowledging that you are aware of the risks involved and are willingly participating. Please also note that you are implicitly agreeing thereby to the fact that you do not hold us responsible for any lack of goodwill, misconduct, loss of money, loss of intellectual property, reputation, direct or indirect damages to your standing, position, etc. We expect you to adhere by these rules in your use of our website and services. You agree to indemnify all the officers and owners involved in the company and the website services from any kind of damages incurred by you through any disability to comply with the terms of this contract.


By using our services, you accept to operate within the laws of the Indian Civil and Legal Systems. Please note that in case of any disputes arising from the use of our website or any information presented on it, we shall refer all matters to a sole arbiter who remains neutral to both the company and any third party involved in the dispute to retain neutral ground for both systems and parties. We believe that the laws of the land are supreme and hold the highest authority for any company to operate within a certain space. All disputes arising out of the use of our website and any such terms can be met with in courts located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India). .


We retain the right to terminate any user without further notice who does not comply with our terms and policies repeatedly, causes offense or personal damages to the community of users, threatens to disrupt the functioning of our services, attempts to take over control through malicious means, attempts to segregate private information and use them for personal gains including spamming members, any user found guilty of deliberately providing misleading information, users who are caught in the act of deliberately duping unsuspecting individuals and companies, and users who do not respect the laws of our civic and judiciary systems. Any individual guilty of threatening the safety and well-being of others, and more importantly, the nation, shall be dealt with an immediate termination and may cause further action to be taken against them. In cases of such termination, we shall not be liable for any loss of damages incurred by the user from their acts of misdoing and reserve the right to not refund them for services paid for a certain term or duration of use which is heretofore considered as being forfeited, effective immediately.


Any failure on the part of world New Property to meet with or uphold any of the services or actions stipulated or claimed in this Terms and Conditions policy by us, our affiliates, our team, our board, our company associates and others related directly in relation to us shall not be taken as a waiver of our right to subsequently act upon such provisions. Please not that we are within our rights to make subsequent changes to our website and content, including the terms and conditions and privacy policy, without necessitating any legal notifications or personal guarantees either.